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Painters Green Bay is a painting company servicing the Green Bay, WI Area.

We’re passionate about interior and exterior painting for everyone in the Green Bay area and beyond.

Our team will help you improve the look of buildings, walls, structures, cabinets, and more.

If you’re tired of paint jobs that do not look professional, want to make your home or business more beautiful or want to add value to your home before you sell it, our team can work with you from start to end to create a beautiful finish that you can be proud of.

So what are you waiting for?

If you found yourself searching for a professional painting company, then you’re in the right place.

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Why Work With Us?


Have you ever looked at the crisp lines that they always seem to get on home renovation shows and been unable to replicate that at home? While you can paint the interior and exterior of your home by yourself, it is a professional touch that makes the difference. We can make that difference. With years of experience, professional tools, and expert painters, our lines are sharp and the finish is exquisite.


Painting takes time when you don’t know what you are doing. There is moving furniture, prep time, base coats, drying time, finishing, and more. If you are doing that by yourself, it can take a lot of time. And, that is time that you simply do not have. Painting can take up a week of your time. We have a team that will work to get the job done in as little as a day.


Not only are we value for money when you compare us to our competitors, but we will also increase the value of your home. If you do it yourself or have a less than professional contractor do the job, the finished product is not going to be as good as it should. A professional job will increase the value of your home, whether you want to resell it or live in it.

Our Services

Residential Painting

We all need to have our homes painted or repainted at some point, and that includes the interior and the exterior. Doing both requires a defined set of skills, and we have exactly that.

With years of experience, we have the equipment needed to reach all of the exterior of your home, the places that can be dangerous to tackle by yourself. We also have a deft and professional touch and will leave the interior walls looking pristine and immaculate.

If you need any part of your home painted, we are the painting contractors for the job.

Commercial Painting

We don’t just tackle residential projects. We can help you to beautify your commercial property and business too. With lots of experience painting different materials, it does not matter what your building is made from, we can paint it.

We also understand that time is money. When you hire us, we will be in and out as quickly as possible. Your employees can return to work without disruption, and your customers will love your new look.

Give us a call today to talk about our commercial specials.

Exterior Painting

We know that exterior painting can be a hassle. It is not only the more rugged materials, but it is the difficulty too. Some buildings are tall, making it dangerous to go up and down a ladder to paint in sections, and other areas are almost impossible to get to without special equipment.

We have that special equipment. We also have employees who are safety-trained before they step foot on a worksite. We will set up our equipment quickly, get the job done, and leave you to enjoy your home’s new look.

Interior Painting

Many people can take care of interior painting, but that does not mean that the job is going to be done well. It is all about the small details. We thoroughly set up a job before we start painting. This ensures that all our lines are straight and crisp, the walls and ceilings receive equal coverage, and we do not get paint on your belongings.

We also know that some interiors are harder to paint than others. It does not matter if you have high ceilings, obstacles to paint around, or awkward surfaces, we always come prepared.

Cabinet Painting

If you want to spruce up your kitchen (and other areas of your home), then repainting the cabinets is an excellent and cost-effective way of doing that. With some repainting, you can create the look of a new kitchen.

Cabinet painting requires a steady and precise hand, and it really is a job where the small details are noticeable. You have probably not painted many cabinets, but we have. If you want your kitchen to look beautiful, choose the professional contractors who know what they are doing.

Our Painting Process

With decades of painting experience, we have created a foolproof painting process from the moment you pick up the phone to painting the last stroke

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Most frequent questions and answers

Painting your home is about two things: comfort and value.

When you repaint your home, you are creating a welcoming environment for you and your family, even if that is subconscious. Harsh colors and chipped or stained walls can influence you on a deeper level, affecting your mood without you realizing it. A paint job can solve this.

If you are selling your home, or even if you are not, repainting the interior will only increase the value.

These two factors also apply to your business. It creates a welcoming environment for your employees and customers and shows professionalism.

We are fast.

We like to think that we are the fastest painters around, but that does not mean that we do not do a great job. We strive to be in and out within two days, but a lot depends on the size and difficulty of the job.

Call us for more information and a free quote.

We want to leave your home looking beautiful and you with a smile on your face. We don’t want to come back (until you need the next paint job).

To ensure this, we always move valuable furniture and objects out of the room, covering everything else, including flooring where necessary. We also move carefully through your home so that we do not spread paint.

If there are any accidents or spills, we have strict protocols in place to deal with that. When the job is done, we clean up after ourselves and leave the place cleaner than it was before.

Everything starts with a phone call where we gather as much information as we can. When we arrive at the job, we will complete a thorough walkthrough, eliminating any obstacles.

The furniture and objects that can be moved, are moved out of harm’s way. We then cover everything else, including floors and hanging fixtures. Our team will then expertly tape areas to protect them from paint.

We like to complete all of the prep work for all rooms at once so that we can get on with painting. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we can work out additional plans for your home.

For any other questions that you may have, or to talk about anything that we have not mentioned, please give us a call. We can give you a free quote over the phone, and we can also talk you through any of our processes and services. We are ready to help you with any of your painting needs.

Areas We Serve

Green Bay, De Pere, Howard, Ashwaybenon, Bellevue, Allouez, Suamico, Hobart and any other area in Brown County.

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